Weathering: Lively Ongoingness, Scales and Temporalities

The following is an edited version of our 'Weathering' poster presented as part of the session Children's Common Worlds in Times of Climate Change and 'Post Truths' at the American Educational Research Association (AERA) Conference in Toronto, Canada (April, 2019). Shaping new pedagogies in times of climate change With rain In our work with young …

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Making rain

As we set out, the children spotted several leafy branches that had fallen from a nearby eucalyptus tree. They held them aloft to shield their faces. I’m being a tree. I’m just a tree. I’m trying to hide from the tigers. There’s no tigers here. Snakes though. A helicopter interrupted this lively tree reverie. It’s …

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Digging, dissolving dirt

It rained lightly overnight for first time in a while.  As the fog lifted we found ourselves walking through a landscape that was damp and refreshed. The children seemed to sense a new pliability in the earth. Several picked up sticks to dig at the ground, alternately tapping, drilling and scraping away the soft surface. …

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